Viking Architecture

This is a scene put together by my friend Esteben Zaldivar, one of Portalarium's fantastic world builders, using my Viking homes. Good job Esteben!!
Viking Town House
3 story home with multiple sub patios and rooftop patio. This is my favorite of the viking homes. Full interior.
Viking Town House Balcony
Decorated balcony on the Viking town house.
Viking Village House
2 story viking house with full interior. One of my favorites.
Viking Stronghold
3 story defensible Viking stronghold with full rooftop balcony.
Viking Stronghold Alternate
2 story viking town home with full rooftop balcony. Full interior.
Viking Great Hall
This monster is a full 4 stories with multiple balconies. Full interior.
Viking Village Home
This is the first viking house I did and it became our biggest seller for a while. Two stories, full interior.
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