General Houses

Pristine Gothic Mansion on Water Lot
This is a 3 story Victorian style home, with full interior and full roof balcony.
Haunted Gothic Mansion
This is a for-Halloween special house--basically the same as the Gothic Mansion, just roughed up with a swarm of bats flying overhead!
Oracle Confirmatory
One of my favorite pieces I've made for Shroud of the Avatar. An oracle lives inside and the eyes move and follow you if you walk around it!
waterfront Cabana
Our first water house.
Shingle Country house
The first house I made for the game. After this the fans said they wanted pristine houses, but I prefer this more disheveled look.
Bell Tower
This ornate bell tower has 7 working bells inside.
Windmill Player House
Another of the earliest player homes, 2 story.
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